Map Editor Interface

The overall UI of the mind map editor is very simple. It has a tool bar and map area which you can pan and zoom.
The toolbar the editor has several useful functions. On the left side of the toolbar, you have your File and Export menus. The File menu has options for loading, saving, editing map info etc., and the export menu currently has 3 options (TXT,PNG,PDF). On the right side of the toolbar, you have a few icons and a search box to search the contents of the current map.

mapeditor ui toolbar
From left to right, the functions of the icons are:

  • add infobox icon
    There are 2 ways to create InfoBoxes in the mind map, one is to double click anywhere inside the mind map and the other is to click this icon which creates an InfoBox in the center of the screen.

  • delete infobox icon
    Like creation, there are 2 ways to delete InfoBoxes. First is to click on the infobox close icon icon inside an InfoBox which deletes that InfoBox. The other way to delete InfoBoxes is to multi select InfoBoxes or just select a single InfoBox and click on this icon to delete the InfoBox(s).

    PRO Tip: You can multi select InfoBoxes by pressing the  alt  key and drag a selection box using the mouse like below:
    mindmap multiselect mode

    The drag to multi-select feature is very useful because it can also be used for dragging multiple InfoBoxes at the same time! You can also multi-select InfoBoxes by pressing the  ctrl  key and clicking on the InfoBoxes you want to select.

  • zoom mindmap icon
    Zoom in/out of the map using this icon. You can also zoom to your mouse position inside the map area using  ctrl  + mouse wheel scroll.

  • multiconnect mode icon
    If you want to connect a large amount of InfoBoxes quickly, you can use this icont to toggle multi connect mode. After clicking on the icon the multi connect mode will be toggled and the icon will change its appearence to multiconnect toggled icon and all the InfoBoxes will look like this:

    infobox multi connect mode

    Use the multiconnect radio btn icon (like a radio button) to select a target InfoBox. The target InfoBox is what connects TO all other InfoBoxes that you select using the multiconnect checkbox icon which is like a checkbox.
    For example, in the above sample image, if you want to connect the colored boxes (blue, red) to the grey infobox on the right, you would select the radio button on the white infobox (act as the target infobox) and the select the checkboxes on each of the colored boxes (i.e the red and blue in this example).

    infobox multiconnect selected
    Click on the multiconnect mode toggled (toggled multi connect) icon on the toolbar again, the multi connect mode will be toggled to off and the InfoBoxes will be automatically connected like so:

    infobox multiconnect connected

    This feature is very useful if you have many InfoBoxes and want connect a lot of InfoBoxes at once or if you want to connect InfoBoxes that are very far from each other and you hate dragging the connector!

  • delete connection icon
    Similar to the multi connect icon, this icon also has a toggle mode. Click on this icon to enable the deletion of connections on mouse click. Normally, mouse click (left) won't do anything to a connector. But if delete mode is toggled to on state by clicking on this icon, you can just click (left) on any connection and that connection will be instantly deleted.

    Like many other features above, this function comes handy when dealing with deleting large amounts of connections at a time. To disable delete mode, click again on the toggled icon which looks like this: delete connection icon toggled

  • mindmap show settings icon
    Use this icon to launch the mindmap show menu. You can create shows/presentations of your mindmap like a slide show using the mind map show menu. The mindmap menu looks like this:

    mindmap show

    This feature deserves a page of its own. So, Read more about what you can do with the mindmap show here.

  • mindmap help icon
    Need help while editing? forgot something? not sure how something works? Click on this icon to launch a MapsOfMind cheat sheet right inside your map editor!

  • mindmap search icon
    Need to search for something in that huge map of yours? Use this search bar to enter a text and press the search icon.

    For example, if I want to search for the text "an idea" and press the search icon, the box which contains the text along with the InfoBox which contains the box will be highlighted like below:

    mindmap search highlighted

    Click on the search icon again to remove the highlight.

  • mindmap expand map button
    Click on these bars that are on the edges of the map to make the map expand in that direction. If an InfoBox is created right at the edge of the map, the map automatically expands in that direction.

  • mindmap hide infobox buttons button
    If you want a clean look for your map, you can remove all the infobox icons by clicking on this button. The end result is something like this:

    mindmap no buttons infobox

    To show all the buttons again, click again on the toggled button which looks like this: mindmap hide infobox buttons button

That covers all the features of the mind map editor in MapsOfMind!

Let us know if you would like a feature added or if you need help mind mapping with MapsOfMind!

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