MapsOfMind is a tool to help you store your ideas and organize your thought process in one place. With MapsOfMind, you can create versatile mind maps with images, videos, rich text and more!

What is Mind Mapping?
Mind Mapping is the process of laying out all of your thoughts, ideas for the purpose of brainstorming or simple to access those information at a later stage. There may or may not a structure in a mind map. Simply put, it is a way to capture your thoughts and visualize them in a particular format.

Why should you use MapsOfMind?
Have you ever thought if there was a way to stay on top of all the information that goes through your mind and ideas you have every single day? If so, MapsOfMind should be your go-to tool for all your mapping needs. Stay on top of the information overload by easily visualizing your thoughts, and information in a map form.

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