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MapsOfMind has plenty of features to make mind mapping as easy and intuitive as possible!
The crux of mind maps made using MapsOfMind is the InfoBox. This is the component that makes up any mind map in MapsOfMind.

mindmap infobox

You can add different types of Boxes inside an InfoBox depending on what type of mind map you create and how you want to organize your information.

mindmap infobox boxes

Here are a few examples of functions of different boxes:

mindmap infobox multi function demo

Creating and connecting InfoBoxes is very simple!

how to connect infobox

Easy to move around and organize by multi-selecting InfoBoxes.

multidrag boxes infobox

Every single box inside an InfoBox is re-arrangeable.

rearrange boxes infobox

Even the connections are highly customizable!

customizable infobox connectors

These and many more features for you to explore!...

mindmap quick demo

Click here for more details and guides on each feature and on how to use them.

Click here to check out all the new features recently added MapsOfMind!

Let us know if you would like a feature added or if you need help mind mapping with MapsOfMind!

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