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The plaintext box not just used for writing content in plain text format, but it has a cool feature!

Paste any valid URL into a plaintext box and observe what happens! It creates another type of box called website info box right below the plaintext box which has useful information such as the title, short description, and sometimes a thumbnail about the website in the URL pasted in the plaintext box.

mindmap website boxes example 1

mindmap website boxes example 2

This function is automatically done when you paste a URL inside a plaintext box. You can manually trigger this by press enter/return on your keyboard to execute the same auto-fetch function.
If you post a link from media websites such as YouTube, Imgur, etc., it creates an embedded version of the media content found in that URL (may not work for all media websites).

To add a plaintext box to an InfoBox, click on the link icon as explained in the image below:

how to add link/plaintext box

Use the website infobox feature to create a map of similar websites you might want to visit later, to map different websites with your ideas, draw inspiration from them, and so on. The other use of the plaintext box as the name implies is just for short notes. You can even use them to create lists like these:

mindmap plaintextbox example map

That's it for the tutorial on the plaintext box and website info box!

Let us know if you would like a feature added or if you need help mind mapping with MapsOfMind!


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